How Addicted To Your Phone Are You? [Quiz]
Curtis LOVES taking Buzzfeed quizzes and Curtis also loves his phone.  So when they posted a quiz that tells you how addicted to your phone you are, it was on like Donkey Kong!  Surprisingly enough, Curtis isn't as addicted to his phone as he leads on...
Never Walk Home Alone With This New App [Video]
Walking home by yourself, especially at night, is one of the scariest and possibly most dangerous thing someone (a female) can do. And although it's not advised, sometimes you have no choice but to choose that route. If so, it's best to call someone and let them know where you are and that…
Football On Your Phone – Manning Brothers [Music Video]
Football season is almost here and I am already counting down the days, 29 if you care, until kickoff of the 2013 season on Thursday, September 5th. Every year in promotion of The Sunday Ticket, DirecTV puts out a video with their spokespeople, the Manning brothers.