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Meet Emmet – Wendy’s Pet Of The Week
Every week, I get to meet a new fun  furry (or sometimes scaly) friend from the Humane Society of West Michigan. This week, Emmet came to visit me in the studio!
Emmet is a year and a half old Pit Bull mix, and one of the friendliest dogs that has come to visit me yet...
Wendy’s Pet Of The Week – Macie
Every week, our friends from Humane Society of West Michigan bring in another pet for me to fall in love with. Today, it’s Macie, the one-and-a-half-year-old Pit-Bull, mix.  Macie would make a wonderful addition to the right family.
Saginaw Passes ‘Dangerous Dog’ Law
Recently legislation was introduced in Michigan which would have eventually made owning a pit bull in Michigan illegal.  That bill has stalled, but Monday Saginaw passed a "dangerous dog" law.
Mlive.com reports:
The City Council Monday passed the contentious "dangerous dogs" ordina…