Police Officer

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Michigan Officer Uses Taser on Dog [Video]
Roseville police are now investigating two of their officers after using a taser on a dog, and it was all caught on camera.
The incident occurred over the weekend and the video was posted on Facebook where it has gotten thousands of shares and (differing) reactions from people...
Man Gets a Ticket for Burping in Front of a Police Officer
If you ever thought you got a ticket for something ridiculous, this takes it to another level.
Metro is reporting that a man in Austria received a ticket earlier this month because he burped too loudly in front of a police officer. Who knew you could get a ticket for something like that...
Florida Deputy Suspened For “Obama Prayer”
A sheriff's deputy in Manatee, Florida is in hot water after he highlighted and labeled a scripture in the Bible the "Obama Prayer" and left it on a co-worker's desk.
Sgt. Matthew Neu was suspended for 26 hours for the infraction, which was deemed by the Sheriff's Dep…