Grand Rapids Police Cruiser Stolen Tuesday Night
While responding to an assault incident, a police cruiser from the Grand Rapids Police Department was stolen Tuesday night, 10/4.
WOOD-TV reports that police are now looking for the suspect. GRPD was on scene, around 9 p.m., at Benjamin Ave SE regarding a man who had been assaulted...
Drunk Guy Gets in a Cop Car Thinking it’s a Cab
Well, this guy made the cops' job fairly easy.
A man in Toronto had a night out of drinking this past Saturday night and he was feeling pretty drunk. Knowing he couldn't drive himself home he decided to take a taxi. However, it was a different type of city car he stumbled into...
Are You Breaking This Law? [Video]
Why couldn’t this have happened to me the last time I got pulled over? Although, since I’m lactose intolerant, fines and ice cream both make me feel the same way!
Police in Halifax, Virginia were pulling people over the other day, to hand out ice cream! Acc...

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