Cop Rescues Kitten, Gets Marriage Proposals.. Yes Plural.
Monday, Spartanburg, SC Police Officer Cody Garrett was on duty when a call came in that someone had heard an animal under a dumpster crying.  So police responded and found an abandoned kitten, so they brought her back to the station.  When Officer Garrett returned to the station he offered to give …
How to Get Out of a Ticket, According to Cops
Getting pulled over sucks for so many different reasons. Even moreso when it ends in you getting a ticket. But have you ever worked your charm to get out out a ticket? Did it work?
Thrilist.com spoke with actual cops on what would make them look other way and let you go with just a warning...
‘The Good Cop’ Project, Born In West Michigan [Video]
This last year we have seen nothing but garbage reported on the news about police officers. This type of reporting is dangerous, as such reports give a false perception that all police officers are gun happy racists. The Good Cop project tells a different story.

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