The Best Dressed Of The Papal Conclave [Photos]
The Papal Conclave that is currently going on in the Vatican is an extremely important historical event. Not only because this is the first time in a long time that a Pope has resigned, but also because, hey, they're appointing a new Pope! I've been watching the coverage pretty religiously (ha! See …
What We Know About Pope Benedict’s Resignation
In stunning news, Pope Benedict XVI announced Monday morning from the Vatican that he will resign his position as head of the Catholic Church, effective on February 28. This has already set off a flurry of speculation, largely because no pope has voluntarily done so since the year 1415.
The news is s…
West Catholic Band Plays For The Pope
The West Catholic High School band had a memorable spring break.  They spent the week touring Rome and Florence, then on Wednesday they had the honor of playing at St. Peter's Square for the Pope and about 20,000 others!