power outage

Business Offering Assistance to Westsiders Without Power
They often say “The West side is the Best side” and one business on Leonard St. is proving that once again today during the extreme wind conditions.
As winds gust over 50 m.p.h. in the Grand Rapids area, lawn furniture and trash cans are blowing all around and power outages are happening …
Power Restored To Northeast Side Of Grand Rapids
Just over 4,500 Consumers Energy customers woke up Sunday morning to their power being out.
Why?  Because a squirrel thought it had found affordable housing near downtown and jumped into a substation.  Like most of us, when you think you’ve found that perfect place, downtown adjacent,…
Power Outage Reported Along Plainfield Ave. & 3 Mile Road
About 2,700 Consumers Energy customers are without power on the northeast side of Grand Rapids this afternoon.
According to the Consumers Energy Outage Map, the outage started just after 2:00pm and is affecting the area along Plainfield Avenue, I-96 and Three Mile Road NE. Traffic signals are ou…
Power Restored On Grand Rapids’ East Side
This morning I woke up in the dark, which is normal, since we don't generally sleep with the lights on. But, it was really dark. No power. Turns out 5,000 other homes on Grand Rapids northeast side were in the same boat. And now we know why.
Consumers Energy is saying that this morning's outage was l…

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