A Woman Pranks Her Husband [Video]
A grandma pulls an epic prank on her unsuspecting husband.  She told him that she learned an awesome magic trick and that she wanted to try it on him.  Granny puts a towel over the water bottle and says the magic words and then tells her husband to get close to the bottle...
UPDATE: Kidnapping Scheme was a Prank
Yesterday, we told you about a possible kidnapping scheme around Michigan, but turns out it was a prank this entire time.
A teenage girl, from the Flint area, posted a picture on Facebook earlier this week of a shirt tied around her windshield wipers warning people that this was a way for kidnappers …
Chris Pratt Scared By Prop Dinosaurs [Video]
Jurassic World was released this past weekend and set a record for having the biggest opening in movie history. Chris Pratt, best known for his character Andy Dwyer on the NBC show Parks And Recreation, is the star of the new movie in the Jurassic franchise.

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