Kim Kardashian Wants a $1 Million Push Present
To  be honest with you, I have never heard of a "push present" until Kim Kardashian West wrote a blog about it on her website. If you're in the same boat as I am a push present is a gift the husband gives his wife for pushing out their baby...
Awkward Pregnancy Photos
We have seen some pretty awkward pregnancy photos, but these photos we found on Buzzfeed are at the top of our list.
Apparently the latest trend is for a woman's husband and or baby daddy to pose shirtless in pregnancy photos?
Don't believe us...
Can Caffeine Hinder a Woman’s Ability to Get Pregnant?
Drinking Maxwell House may mean women won't see any newbies in their house.
Research out of the University of Nevada suggests women who drink caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea and soda have a tough time getting pregnant.
This doesn't bode well for my six bottles of Diet Coke a day habit…