Could You Pass Rob And Christine’s “America” Test?
With the month of “America” wrapping up, (that’s what I think of July, between the 4th, vacations, this year the Made In America rally at the White House, it makes sense that July would be the month of America.) I thought this would be a good time to go back to the beginning of the…
Which Strange Bachelor Profession Are You? [Quiz]
Here on Connie and Curtis, we love taking quizzes, especially when it pertains to The Bachelor.  Each season, we see many different types of careers.  Apparently, being a twin is also known as a profession.
Here are our results:
Connie: A Free Spirit: Because the flower crown business i…
Which Addams Family Character Are You? [Quiz]
It's Halloween!  And because it's Halloween, we took an awesome Buzzfeed Quiz that told us which member of the Addams Family we were!  Connie, Curtis and Steve all took the quiz, and here are their results:
Connie: Grandma
You’re the creepy-but-cool grandmother who&rsquo…
Find Out Which Show Member You Are! [Quiz]
You know how much we love quizzes here on Connie and Curtis, so Steve decided to make one for himself!
We do Buzzfeed quizzes almost every day and Steve kept thinking to himself, "I can do that." So he finally got his butt off the couch and made a quiz that will determine which memb…
What is Your Personality Based on Your Signature? [Quiz]
Another day. Another quiz. This time around Buzzfeed claims they know the type of personality you have based on the way you sign your name.
Of course, they nailed it for me because my result was the "Perfectionist." This is what it had to say:
You are a perfectionist, which…
Your Taste in Cereal Could Predict Your Taste in Men [Quiz]
It's Quiz Time!
Two things I love in life: men and cereal. Buzzfeed has, of course, combined the two for one of their infamous quizzes: "We Know Your Taste In Men Based On Your Taste In Cereal"
Buzzfeed did well because my result was almost spot on...
What Color is Your Personality?
Its Quiz Time! I love passing the time with those silly quizzes that people post on Facebook or Buzzfeed posts about every other day. So of course when I saw the quiz asking what color is my personality I had to take it.
Curiousfacts.us says:
According to the research of Dr...
What Is Your Unicorn Name?!?
If you were listening to the show this morning just before 9 a.m., you heard us all revealing our "unicorn names" on the air.
Connie is BooBooFace TwinkleButt, Curtis is SweetieBaby SillyOats, Samantha shall now be known as SquiggleBeans SparklePants, and Intern Andrew's new na…

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