Woman Suing Her Husband After He Secretly Divorced Her
After 20 years of marriage you would think this couple has a strong relationship. Eh, maybe not so much.
59-year-old Cristina Carta Villa is suing her 90-year-old husband after learning he secretly divorced her only FOUR MONTHS after they were married...
Epic Fake Proposal
One of the worst things that could happen within a relationship is the C word- CHEATING! Well to the delight of one man, this was the perfect opportunity to give him a reason to stage the most epic break up one could imagine.
Man Proposes to His Girlfriend with His Wisdom Tooth
Diamonds are a girls best friend. But not to this woman.
Usually when someone gets engaged, the first thing we want to know is how does the ring look. But needless to say Carlee Alisan Leifkes​' engagement ring is non-traditional. Very non-traditional...
Dad Bod vs Muscle Man [Video]
With the "dad bod" trend making an impressive (and controversial) sweep into common culture, we have to wonder which is more attractive: muscles, or the beer-gut-workout balance that the "dad bod" has to offer?
Luckily, Daily Mail has sent a reporter onto the streets with three di…
Things NOT To Say When Your Loved One Is Upset
Sometimes we all forget to think before we speak.  That goes with out saying, really.  But what response will light the fuse when your partner wants to talk about her job, his family, her favorite show, his health, etc.?  As silly as YOU may think it is, what is brought up that is concerning your su…