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Grand Rapids Lip-Dub Video Up For An Award

The Grand Rapids lip dub video done last spring by Rob Bliss has gained our city quite a bit of attention since first being posted on YouTube. As a result, Grand Rapids was named ABC World News' "Persons Of The Week" back in June, and now, the video is up for an award!
The video is …
Giant Waterslide Sells For $9,525
If you were hoping your neighbors would buy that giant waterslide and throw the block party of the century next looks like you're out of luck.
The 500 foot waterslide has sold for $9,525 and will be heading to Evart.  It was used on Lyon Street in Grand Rapids last summer during an event …
Rob Bliss’ Giant Water Slide Up For Auction
Anybody want a giant water slide? To be more specific, does anybody want a 500 foot long water slide that once took up all of Lyon Street?
That's right, Rob Bliss' "World's Longest Waterslide" is up for sale. For auction actually. Turns out that Rob accumulated quite …
Best Facebook Pages To Like In Grand Rapids – Our Top 5
You need to filter through tons of pages when looking for good content on Facebook. So I figured I could make it a little easier on you. Below you will find the top 5 West Michigan Facebook pages to follow. After clicking like on all 5 pages, consider yourself in the Grand Rapids events loop...
Rob Bliss Was Right About Grand Rapids Lip Dub
Does anybody in Grand Rapids have a tougher group of critics than Rob Bliss?  Even Mayor George Heartwell must be thankful that his political opponents don't give him as hard of a time as many people give Rob Bliss.  Now that some time has passed since the release of 'Lip Du…
Could The GR Lipdub Video Be Illegal? [VIDEO]
It's been seen worldwide, from ABC News to Newsweek magazine, and everywhere.
But now, could Rob Bliss, GVSU students, or anyone else who lipsyncs to a copyrighted song on You Tube be breaking federal law?
Grand Rapids Lip Dub [VIDEO]
Rob Bliss has done it again, this time with a world record "Lipdub" set to American Pie. Give yourself a big hand Grand Rapids you deserve it. After multiple takes it came down to this one, and a great video to say Grand Rapids is not dead...

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