Rodrick Dantzler

Man Sentenced In Connection To Rodrick Dantzler Murders
The man who sold Rodrick Dantlzer the gun that he used to kill seven people in one day in Grand Rapids in July of 2011 is heading to prison.
Michael James Allen was sentenced in federal court on Monday to 10 years in prison - the maximum amount of time he was facing - after having previously plead gu…
Dantzler Tapes and Letter Released By GRPD [VIDEO]
The Grand Rapids Police and Kent County Prosecutor released several hours of dashcam video, 911 audio recordings, and documents in the investigation of the mass shootings in Grand Rapids that left seven people dead in July. The information was released Tuesday morning.
Rodrick Dantzler killed seven…
GRPD Releasing Dantzler Information Tuesday Morning
On July 7th, Rodrick Dantzler killed seven people and led police on a chase through Grand Rapids before taking hostages.  He later took his own life .
Tuesday morning, the Grand Rapids Police Department will release information from July 7th including police video and 911 recordings.  …
Dantzler Hostage Speaks About ‘Horrific Night’
On July 7, Meg Holmes of Grand Haven was visiting two friends at a house on Rickman NE in Grand Rapids.  Suddenly Rodrick Dantzler, who had just killed seven people and was on the run from police, burst in and all three friends became hostages.  Holmes&nb…
Grand Rapids Gathers For Candlelight Vigil [AUDIO]
A candlelight vigil is appropriately planned for tonight at Ah-Nab-A-Wen park near the Gerald R. Ford Museum, downtown Grand Rapids.
Last night, 34-year old Rodrick Dantzler single-handedly fatally shot 8 people including himself.  The authorities and three hostages involved in the shooting spree are…
Grand Rapids Wakes Up After Worst Murder Spree Ever
As most of us wake up from the worst killing rampage in Grand Rapids history, many areas are still crime scenes for this mornings commute.   Seven people including two children were fatally shot yesterday before the suspect, Rodrick Dantzler, took his own life.