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What Is This Song???
I soooo need your help in figuring out who the original group is who performed the hit song Ashley Sullivan's group nailed during auditions last night on American Idol. 
Funny that I even have an old cd of them, but I can't remember their name(s)...
A Talk Show Host IS Related To Kate Middleton!!
Sometimes when you want something bad enough -- like an invitation to the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton -- it may actually happen!
Ellen Degeneres has been talking on her daily show that she wants to attend the April 29th nuptials in England ... and found out that she's…
The Medal Of Freedom Goes To …
The Medal of Freedom is the highest honor any of us could ever aspire to achieve in our young lives, and yesterday, President Obama handed out the awards during a White House ceremony.
Kids Who Exercise Are Smarter!
Playtime is key for kids who have a lot of energy, but a new study says it is also huge when it comes to a child's brain activity!
According to U.S. News & World Report, kids who exercise regularly also show more self-control.
Click here to review the full study....
Record SuperBowl Ticket Holder & Fan Dies!
Remember those nostalgic commercials that featured a bunch of men who say they haven't missed a Superbowl game in 45 years? 
Last week, Wendy Reed blogged that Green Bay fan and club member,  Bob Cook, did miss their victory over Pittsburgh ...
Greek Star Ties The Knot!
In an odd Valentine's Day twist,  Kelsey Grammer's daughter got married on Friday!
I had no idea Spencer, who is 27 and stars in Greek on ABC Family, was or is Kelsey's daughter! 
 The day before her New York nuptials, a judge finalized Kelsey's divorce from Rea…
Why Is Courteney Cox Using A Cane?
Have you ever had major surgery?  I cringe to think of the day I severed my ACL and had to go through two painful years of reconstructive surgery and now Courteney Cox joins the fray.
People magazine says one of our fav Friends just had minor knee surgery and needs a cane to get around town!
9 Ways To Be The BEST Valentine Ever!
Channel 957 is here to help you put the passion in your Valentine's Day!
If  you've been pacing the floor to come up with a plan to sweep your valentine off of his or her feet try one of the ideas listed below.
Click here, valentine...

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