Sabrina Fairchild

What Makes Me Happy In A Blizzard!
Alright, I've had a couple of days to defrost and think about the big Blizzard-O-2011, and I have a few thank you's to shout out!
Like I'm seriously thankful for my neighbors who pushed my car out of a snowbank...twice!
Learn How To Be Heart Smart!
Ladies, you're supposed to wear red today to show support for the fight against heart disease.
Did you know that it is the number one killer of women?
Click here for more details on how to take care of you!
Facebook Is 7 Today!
Are you one of the 28% of people who check FB before you get out of bed in the morning??
Today, Facebook celebrates seven years of connecting people around the globe and is actually available in 70 languages!!
7 Gadget Deals You Don’t Want To Miss!
Are you on a major budget like me, but really want a new iPhone, Wii or Kindle? 
According to, there are at least seven popular items that are going to majorly drop in price this year!
Click here for the full list!
American Idol Apology
Steven Tyler is in a teeny tiny bit of trouble with the powers that be at American Idol for making a double-minded rhyme using a contestants last name.
Honestly, I appreciate that someone thought to apologize for his naughtiness ... even if it's just a slap on the wrist.
American Reporter Is Attacked In Egypt
Thank goodness the Coop is okay!
The CNN journalist was kicked to the ground yesterday (Wed) while reporting on the turn of events from amicable protesting in the streets of Cairo, Egypt to violent attacks by Mubarak supporters.
Need A Ride?
Are you still stranded in all of this snow, but need to get out today?
Take the bus!  Click here for the route closest to you.
That's how I'm gettin' home today!
Inappropriate Baby Talk?
Baby talk is super cute and always gets me to make a bunch of sounds I wouldn't normally make!
Imagine your surprise if the baby you were trying to get to smile or say his or first words actually swore at you??
Actor Jerry O'Connell confesses to Rachel Ray that his kids may have a speech pro…
Top Turn Offs For Your Guy!
It's no surprise that guys don't like to see a girl cry, but you may raise an eyebrow after you learn what happens when you serve your beau soy products!
According to, there are some unexpected things that may turn off your man!

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