Sabrina Fairchild

Eat Steak And Drink It Too!?
I've always struggled with my love for animals, yet I'm not a vegetarian.
Hmmm ... now there may be  the perfect solution for all of us with a new beverage line that tastes like shrimp, salmon, beef or chicken!!
The Sundance Film Fest Comes To Michigan!
Wow!  Who would've thought that Modern English would meld their music with the movie industry?
While I Melt With You is set to debut at the annual Sundance Film Fest there's at least one flick that you can see here in Michigan!
Personality Packs A Punch On A First Date!
Guess what was dead last in a recent date trait survey??
If you said, looks, you were right!!   Seriously!
The #1 trait?  84% of daters said personality is tops!   Intelligence, money, and what you have in common are not so much...
And The Oscar Nominations Are …
Take two!  The Oscar powers that be have choosen ten flicks for the Best Picture category again this year.
Mark your calendar for Sunday, February 27 to get in on the frenzied red carpet fanfare!
And the nominees are ...
Crocodile Ring Tone, Anyone?
It's bad enough that a crocodile swallowed a phone at a Ukranian zoo and has a terrible tummy ache!
Now, the woman who dropped the phone wants her SIM card back!!
Click here for the full story!
Naturally 7 Harmonize On A Paris Subway!
I'm officially obsessed! 
This video of Naturally 7 on a subway in Paris will make you laugh and cry. 
Okay, maybe just get goosebumps, but you have to check out the 'cough lady' at 2:12 ... too funny!!
Click above to watch the video of their impromptu performance...
Weekend Box Office
Superheroes are still cool!  The Green Hornet is rocking the big screen with an impressive two week take of over $60 million bucks!
However, the number one weekend draw goes to No Strings Attached featuring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman, making a little over $20 mil…
Today, Oprah Reveals A Miracle-Secret!
I remember a past radio show I was a part of where we were able to reunite a adopted son with his biological mom ... talk about tears of joy!
Today, Oprah says she is going to share scoop about her family that was kept from her for years ...
Win Passes To See Diana: A Celebration
Grand Rapids’ Best Mix and the Grand Rapids Art Museum are teaming up to bring you a royal experience.
Listen in to Sabrina every day from 10-3 for your chance to win passes to Diana: A Celebration at the Grand Rapids Art Museum PLUS be registered to have a special meet and greet with Sabrina a…