Sabrina Fairchild

Got A Fake I.D.?
There will always be those who want to grow-up ahead of their time and either get a fake I.D. or borrow one with a picture that somewhat resembles him or her!  Sound familiar??
Well, that may be a thing of the past
Got A Pet Trust?
Pets depend on their 'parents' to be cared for just as much as children, right?
What parent doesn't have a living will to make sure that his or her children aren't financially secure and cared for in case of a disability or death?
More and more animal lovers are doing the same for …
Buy Your Fav Tunes & Help Japan Rebuild!
Relief efforts from the musical community couldn't have come at a more crucial time as Japan braces for a second tsunami following a 6.5 earthquake that hit the coastline earlier today!
Several of Channel 957's most talented artists have come together to donate their tunes to help raise mon…
Romance Regrets!
A couple of universities have come together to collect data about romance and how both men and women view their past relationships.
I'm sure you won't be a bit surprised that more than double the women than men have regrets!
Japan Braces For Another Tsunami!
Tsunami alert ... Japan is shaken by another earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale!
If I'm not mistaken, geologists have recorded more than a hundred aftershocks since Japan was rocked by the 8.9 quake earlier this month.
Can Parents Balance Kids & A Career?
There seems to be a lot of unhappiness that comes with the stress of juggling a healthy relationship with your spouse, kids and holding down a successful career.
According to, more than half of parents admitted that they are so stressed about keeping his or her job that personal health…
Will Governor’s Plan Succeed?
Many people seem to be concerned about how to budget for more cuts that are predicted to be handed down by our new governor, but one business leader says he thinks Governor Snyder's cuts may be the key to future job growth!
Liz Taylor Is Late To Her Own Funeral!
The day after Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor died she was supposed to be buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in California ... but, the late actress was nowhere to be found!
How is that possible?  According to Taylor's publicist, it was one of her last requests!
Gwen Stefani Goes All Out For Japanese Victims!
They say that things happen in three's and Gwen Stefani is taking that seriously!
On top of donating a million dollars to help out earthquake/tsunami victims in Japan, she's also planning a charity auction, and designing a limited edition T-shirt to sell through her…
Daughter & Dad Lohan Face Jail Time!
Actress Lindsay Lohan used to be such a cute, adorable girl and now that she' s an adult there has been nothing but real life drama involving drug and alcohol addictions to alleged stealing charges.
Her estranged dad, Michael, has also been in and out of the news for beating an uncle with his shoe (a…

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