Sabrina Fairchild

NFLer Gets Punted Out Of A Mall!
In the 'saggy pants' file ... not all establishments accept the fashion as meeting the proper dress code!
When Dallas Cowboy wide receiver Dez Bryant was asked to pull up his pants, while  shopping at an upscale shopping mall in Dallas, he flew into a rage...
Boyfriends To Husband Ratio!
I guess I've never really thought about how many guys is the right number before getting serious.  Is it five, ten or more than that??
A new study has all the answers and surveyed 2,000 women to find out!
A Kid’s Guide To Summer Camp!
You're either a camp kid or kid who would rather stay at home and vacation with the family, but nowadays there are so many themed camps to chose from that you may actually get excited about going!
Click here for the full guide to West Michigan camp opportunities including day camps or even glute…
Elizabeth Taylor Dies
Actress Elizabeth Taylor has filled our lives with many years of great entertainment including her role as the last Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra.
Filmed in 1960, Taylor became the highest paid actress with a one-million dollar payday.
USA Today just announced that the actress has died at the age of …
Low Energy? 5 Minute Perk-Me-Up’s!
A wintry mix is headed to West Michigan tonight through Wednesday ... what's up with that??
If you're battling the blues there are ten things Yahoo Shine claims will put a little pep in your step this Spring!
Got chocolate?
Dancing With The Stars Top Picks!
Were you as impressed as I was with how well both Kirstie Alley ... who divulged her nickname is 'G' for grandma ... and Karate Kid Ralph Macchio danced last night on the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars?
I know Wendy Reed posted her top four highlights, but I couldn't resist airing my thou…
‘Pay As You Go’ Trash?
Grand Rapids seems to charge a little something for everything and your trash is no exception!
If you live in the city you now pay a fee per bag or tag you use to get rid of your garbage.  Some families use a cart service and there are a couple of companies to choose from and now the city wants to jo…
What Your Shoes Say To Your Date!
Actress Reese Witherspoon set us all straight, if you will, about guys and their lack of interest in the shoes us girls wear in the movie Legally Blonde.
However, I have new scoop that suggests that guys do check us out from head to toe!
Let The Road Construction Begin!
Give me a 'B!' for billion dollar budget for road repairs along Michigan highways and byways!
The Michigan Department of Transportation has posted a list of their top 10 projects that will  begin soon. 
I have to be honest that I started talking out loud when I went through the che…
Laughfest Comedians Are Happy To Return!
Hundreds of Laughfest volunteers flooded the Calder Plaza downtown GR, during yesterday's thunderstorm, to pose for a picture that will become the new logo for Gilda's Club!
Comedian Gabriel Iglesias rounded out the ten day show at DeVos Performance Hall and from what I'm hearing at wo…

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