Sabrina Fairchild

Laura Ingalls Is Getting Divorced
Everytime Charles Ingall's on Little House on the Prairie called his middle daughter, Laura,  'Half Pint' I would get a tear in my eye.
It was such an endearing nick name and I still remember the one my dad used to call me, 'Snickle Fritz...
Are Michigan Students Ready For College?
As a parent, you want the best for your child and most likely stay on top of his or her education, right?
Researchers say that may not be enough and claim that 90% of the high school students they tested in our fine state are not ready to pack their bags and head off to a university to get a deg…
Summer Olympics Logo Is Under Attack!
The 2012 Summer Olympics are going to be held in London, but that's not what some countries are trying to change.
A new, colorful logo that features the host city, olympic rings and year was just unveiled. 
Iran is up in arms that it spells 'Zion' instead of 2012...
Is Your Pet Kinda Fat??
My vet has advised me a time or two to watch how many treats I give my sweet doggies, Spring & Summer, because too much can cost them their lives!
Click here to get a calorie counter based on your dog or cat's weight!
Oscar Host Poses Semi-Naked With Celebrity Jailbird?
James Franco used to date Lindsay Lohan?  Yes, is the answer, if you are just as clueless as me! 
What's next up for the actor who has successfully hosted his first Academy Awards ceremony??  How about taking it all off for a camera shoot with his former gal pal to rival Madonna&a…
Fabulous Red Carpet Moms!
Actress Penelope Cruz is one of three new mommies who graced the red carpet to show off her curves again!
Click here to find out who gave birth to twin boys in October!!
A Former Presidential Candidate Ministers A Holland Church
Mike Huckabee has an interesting resume including pastor, governor, former presidential candidate and author.  He is also an ABC Radio political commentator and currently hosts the Fox News Channel talk show Huckabee.
Sunday, Huckabee led worship services at Central Wesleyan Chuch in Hollan…
Who’s Secretly Dating Rihanna?
Rihanna is not guy shy!  Earlier this week, a judge canceled a year-long restraining order she had against former abusive, beau Chris Brown.
Us magazine claims they have inside scoop that the Barbados born beauty

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