Sabrina's Sleepover

Sabrina’s Sleepover Success Stories!
Sabrina's Sleepover was sooooo awesome!  You have to check out the photo gallery to see what happiness looks like!!
Hugs to all of my new Channel 957 friends for coming out to get pampered and serenaded all night long at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids.
I don't know if it was more fun getting a hai…
Sabrina’s Sleepover – Tons Of Fun For Everyone
Last night's first ever Channel 957 Sabrina's Sleepover was tons of fun! Thanks to all of you ladies who came out to enjoy the night with us.
There was pampering, there was dancing, there were purses, and accessories,  there was a really cool self defense presentation, there were fun costumes and cut…
Tracy’s Faces Salon & Day Spa Is Sleepover Bound!
Meet my new friends -Tracy, Jen, Georgia, Rissa & Ashlie - at Tracy's Faces Salon & Day Spa!
Georgia brings her teddy bear to work to comfort anyone who comes to her for beauty tips.  Another words, you go into Tracy's Faces with an unbearable doo and leave with a …
Sabrina’s Top 5 Sleepover Movie Selections!
Did you get an invitation to my Sleepover on Saturday, May 14th?
Consider yourself totally invited, BUT make sure you have reserved your room at Crowne Plaza Hotel by clicking here.    
Now that I've taken care of business -- I got to thinking about the best Sleepover movies of all…
Sabrina’s Sleepover Facebook Picture Contest Ends Today!
Hurry!  Today (Friday) is the last day you can post your favorite P.j. pictures to enter the grand prize drawing for a complimentary room at Crowne Plaza Hotel for my (Sabrina) Sleepover on May 14th!!
Jump into your favorite jammies, frilly or flannel, and snap a couple of pics before you h…
Andrew Allen Sleepover Pillow Talk!
Are you coming to my sleepover at the Crowne Plaza Hotel?  It's coming up the weekend after Mother's Day and is the perfect getaway if you're hoping to get some R&R with a whole lot of fun mixed in between!  Like chocolate delights, midnight snacks, beverages, perhaps a massage or mani from one …
Andrew Allen Coming To Grand Rapids
As if you needed another reason to come to Sabrina's Sleepover, Channel 957 is bringing in Andrew Allen to perform there just for our lucky Channel 957 listeners!
It's Saturday, May 14 at the Grand Rapids Crowne Plaza.
A night of pampering, chocolate, food, drinks and fun with your girlfrien…
Join Channel 957 For Sabrina’s Sleepover!
Chocolate, pampering, cocktails, dancing and more will combine for a night that you'll remember forever!
Join Channel 957's Sabrina Fairchild for Sabrina's sleepover on Saturday, May 14 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids!
Grab three of your girlfriends and reserve your room today…