Man Fatally Shoots Himself while Taking a Selfie
No, this isn't a bad pun. A man literally died while taking a selfie.
The Telegraph reports the 43-year-old Washington man was taking selfies with his girlfriend and posing with a gun. He thought the gun was unloaded when he accidentally shot himself in the head and died...
Sorority Steals The Show At Diamondbacks/Rockies Game
The Diamondbacks and the Rockies may not be making headlines this time of year, but their fans are.
Alpha Chi, a sorority at Arizona State were in attendance Wednesday evening at a game between the two, when the commentators noticed the ladies focused more on their selfie-game than the game itself...
The Animal Guy Pet Selfie Contest – Voting
Who’s your buddy?
That’s right: We know you love your doggies, kitties and other pets — rodents, included –out there. And we want to reward you for that love, whether it’s for man’s best friend, your feline companion or some other furry friend. Check out …

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