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Sesame Street Turns Justin Bieber Into a Muppet [VIDEO]
The next time you’ve had a hard day, sit back and relax to the dulcet tones of Elmo and a Justin Bieber-lookalike as they wax poetic about jumbo shrimp and elephants in a song called ‘Measure, Yeah, Measure.’ Which may or may not be based on the Biebs’ hit ‘Never Say Ne…
‘Sesame Street’s’ Bert Now Has a Talk Show
No longer content with just being Ernie's uptight foil, Bert is now a talk show host.
In the maiden episode of 'Conversations with Bert,' the Muppet sits down with funnyman Andy Samberg for a discussion that touches on 'Harry Potter,' imaginary jet packs and other topics.
Sesame Street Music Videos For Grown Ups [VIDEOS]
It turns out Sesame Street is good for more than just educating children and driving their parents to the edge of crazy by using the theme to Elmo's World like a military torture devise.  Sesame Street has some cool music videos!  Check these out...
How Much TV Is Too Much For Babies?
It's time for dinner.  You only need 15 minutes to finish.  But your baby has other ideas.  And using a baby carrier over a hot stove isn't exactly a recipe for parent of the year.  So you choose the lesser of two evils.  You reach for the remote and…