Six Tips For Taking Awesome Pictures of Fireworks on Your Phone
Every year I end up with around 20 or so blurry, crappy pictures from the Fourth of July fireworks. Fireworks are so spectacular I just want to capture each burst and sparkle on my camera roll! But, it never works out.
Well this year it's going to be different! I'm planning to get some great shots at…
What Does The Smartphone That You Own Say About You?
Your smartphone does a lot more than give you directions to the nearest mall or shoe store, it also helps you stay current with your e-mail and Faceyspace while on the move. But, It can also reveal something very important about you and your personality, according to a survey by gadget recycling com…
New Smartphone Sex Stats
According to a new survey, your choice of smart phone says a lot about your sex life. polled more than 1,000 singles and found, among other things, that Android users are more likely to hook up on the first date and partake in one night stands. What do think about that, Android users?!