Michigan Fourth and Fifth Graders Can Ski for Free
Want to get your kids out of the house on the weekends this winter and have some fun? Of course, you do! And skiing is something you probably like to do already, and now your kids can join you on the slopes for FREE! Take them skiing and have some fun!
Steve’s Accuweather 90-Day Snowfall Forecast
If you are anything like Connie or I, you've been waiting for some snow to fall for the last several months!  Well, we've had our first official snow last week, but sadly it did not stick.  But have no fear, more snow is on the way!  Some possibly as early as this week...
Sloan The Snowboarding Toddler! [Video]
Sloan is a 14 month old who is riding the slopes on her own tiny snowboard!  Her parents say they have been training her since she could walk in their home and now she is finally ready to test her skills out in the snow.  The future x-games star seams excited after her first snowboard ride…

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