Winter Olympics: Sochi Endures for its Celebrated Games
By Holly Demaree | BSU at the Games
The Sochi Winter Olympics are 17 days of competition that ends Sunday.
For some spectators, getting to the Winter Olympics takes more than a day of constant travel, with the inconvenience and jet lag drifting away on arrival in the Black Sea resort city...
Winter Olympics: A Cab Driver’s View of Sochi
By Holly Demaree | BSU at the Games
Walking the streets of Adler after midnight during a light rain, it’s not easy to maneuver.
But taxi drivers are readily available in the Sochi, Russia, suburb. The drivers tend to park their cars in groups on the roadside, where they lean against vehicles to chat a…
Epic Fail At Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony [Photo]
Well, it only took about 10 minutes from the beginning of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies for us to witness the latest in a long list of fails that have happened in Sochi over the last few days.
Actually, I can't say that we here in the US have actually witnessed it, but everyone else around the …