Nine-Year-Old Pens Letter To NASA Asking For A Job
I got my first real job when I was sixteen. This kid is starting way sooner. Nine-year-old Jack Davis saw NASA's job opening for "Planetary Protection Officer" and jumped on the opportunity. He hand wrote a letter to the NASA listing some of his qualifications for the job...
10 Things to Do this Weekend: March 31-April 2
It's April Fool's Day on Saturday, but we aren't fooling...Here are 10 things you can do around West Michigan this weekend -- Friday, March 31st through Sunday, April 2nd, 2017.
Some activities include the kids, while others are more for the adults...
Pooping in a Spacesuit is Just as Crappy as it Sounds
Among all the other issues astronauts have when they go to space, one of the biggest ones seems to be going to the bathroom.
When astronauts travel to space they can be stuck in their spacesuit for hours on end, sometimes days, and without gravity, using the john can be a tricky situation...
NASA’s Back in Space Flight Game with Orion [Video]
NASA reached a major milestone Friday as the Orion spacecraft completed its first voyage to space, traveling farther than any spacecraft designed for astronauts has been in more than 40 years.
Bottom line: NASA's back in the spaceflight game for the first time since the space shuttle program end…
BEHOLD! Space Cats!
I remember seeing Sylvester the Cat in "Space Jam", but I don't remember this...and did I just date myself with a "Space Jam" reference? Video's of animals are funny, video's of animals weightless in a space atmosphere is even funnier.

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