People in Grand Rapids Will Spend Over $700 on Holiday Gifts
Although the holiday season brings a lot of joy it also brings a lot of financial setbacks. According to the National Retail Federation spending is expected to be at an all time high this year. WalletHub reports
...the average per-person tab expected to reach $805...
Americans Spend Over $2500 Yearly On Lunch
Lunch can be costly! Visa recently did a survey that proves just that.
In the survey, Americans on average spend over $2,500 yearly. This spending is cut into several categories of course.
The survey also says that the average person eats out twice a week, with meals costing $13...
Does Dad’s Day Get Less Attention Than Mother’s Day?
Don't forget that Father's Day is this Sunday!  Apparently some dad's are already feeling a little left out this year.
According to Sacramento Bee, 40% of men and nearly the same amount of women (36%) feel that this special occassion to honor our dad's doesn't quite get the attention it deserves!
I'm …