spring break

A Great Idea for Spring Break in West Michigan
Spring break for most public school kids is next week. Many will take off for a quick vacation, but many others won't. If you and your kids will be home-bound next week, you may be stumped on what to do. Can't have bored kids hanging around the house all week, so, how about this?
Meet Bee – Christine’s Pet of the Week!
The Humane Society of West Michigan brought in the perfect dog that will complete any family! Her name is Bee and she is a 2-year-old Beagle. She is absolutely adorable, energetic and loves to give hugs and kisses. Because she has such a fun personality she will do great in any type of home, with or…
Best Time to Buy Cheaper Flights
With spring break just around the corner, it's time to start planning your family get away.
We found some great tips for you to save money on what can be the most expensive part of your trip: plane tickets.
Grand Rapids’ Top 5 Spring Break Events For Kids
Staying in Grand Rapids over spring break is a little easier this year. Our warm March has already given us a taste of summer making missing out on a trip south easier to handle than most years. The trick is to have fun while keeping the kids busy over spring break in Grand Rapids...
John Ball Park Zoo’s Zoobilee!
Need an activity to get your Spring breakers out of the house and into a learning environment?  Well, John Ball Park Zoo has just the thing for you.  Zoobilee!  All week long the zoo is giving you an awesome Spring break destination inside the city.
Spring Break Fever: Volunteerism!?
What?  College kids are getting serious about spring break and I'm not talking about drinking or partying.
According to an Iowa newspaper, students are gearing up to volunteer on their time away from campus!
Yeah, it even sounds like it was their idea!  What a cool way to relax, don&apo…
Win A Spring Break Vacation: Hot Vs. Smart
Do you want to have the CRAZIEST SPRING BREAK of all time?
Wanna hit cities like Austin, New Orleans, and Panama City? Do you want to meet celebrities, hang at the biggest parties, and not spend any of your cash? The HOT vs SMART Road Challenge Casting is happening right now!