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Christine’s Review of Aerosmith
Last minute I got invited to the Aerosmith concert last night by the same co-worker I went to Bryan Adams with. I was wishy-washy and didn't know if I really felt like going because I had a lot to do but Johnnie said he would buy me food if I went so I agreed. (Side note: food is the way to my heart…
“American Idol” Update, Day One!
Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson and J-Lo are back for the 11th season of  "American Idol" as it kicked off last night on Fox. America's favorite singing competition held auditions in Savannah, Georgia, and as expected many …
Steven Tyler Thanks Betty Ford For Second Chance!
Hair feathers!  Musician and American Idol judge, Steven Tyler, is vocalizing his appreciation of former first lady Betty Ford.
According to, Steven paid tribute to Mrs. Ford by saying, "Betty Ford took a risk at one of the worst times of her life and came forward to share a mes…
Lady Antebellum Covers Aerosmith Hit! [VIDEO]
They swept the Grammy's, Country Music Awards and wowed Steven Tyler during their performance of their new single, Just a Kiss, on American Idol.
So much so that he interrupted their backstage interviews to convince them that they had to cover an Aerosmith tune!
Of course, Lady Antebellum was fla…
Steven Tyler American Idol-isms! [VIDEO]
In the 'predictions' file ... I think Joe Perry is hollerin' that Aerosmith will NOT be performing on the finale episode of American Idol next week to get all of us to watch!  Genius, in an obnoxious sort of way.
I mean, Steven Tyler is a first time  judge on the show and has already used his newfoun…
Steven Tyler Loves Hollywood!
A couple of days ago,  Channel 957 artist Steven Tyler talked with Kidd Kraddick in the morning about how crazy (no relation to Aerosmith's hit song) life for him has been since moving to Hollywood to be an American Idol judge!
So crazy, in fact, that he has recorded his first solo single -- "Fe…
Kidd Kraddick Interview – Steven Tyler [AUDIO]
Kidd Kraddick interviewed American Idol Judge and international rock superstar, Steven Tyler, this morning.  Steven and the gang talk about his new song "(It) Feels So Good", and play a little clip.  Steven also jumps into his past and talks about some bullying he received because of his h…
American Idol Apology
Steven Tyler is in a teeny tiny bit of trouble with the powers that be at American Idol for making a double-minded rhyme using a contestants last name.
Honestly, I appreciate that someone thought to apologize for his naughtiness ... even if it's just a slap on the wrist.

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