Student Caught Not Paying Attention in Class [Video]
It's been five years since I went to college but I remember how lackluster going to classes could be, especially when you had several in a day. I'm guilty of not paying attention at times whether that involved doodling when I should've been taking notes, mindlessly daydreaming, or even taking the oc…
Student Drunk E-mails His Professor
There's nothing worse than drinking and waking up the next day to find that you drunk-texted your ex. This guy, named Patrick, from the U.K. woke up to find that he definitely did something while he was drunk but it wasn't to his was to his PROFESSOR!
Patrick got so schwasted that he e-maile…
Teacher Tapes Chatty Student’s Mouth Shut [VIDEO]
A local Florida teacher took discipline to a whole new (read: bizarre) level last week when she reportedly taped her chatty student's mouth shut with packing tape.
13-year-old seventh grader Jazlyn Freel claims the incident took place during a routine science class.
"She asked me to stop talking,…