Potential Bill Would Raise Beer Tax Over 200% in Michigan!
If passed, a new bill would raise the beer tax in Michigan by 244%.
The bill was pitched by a West Michigan representative, from Byron Center, earlier this week. Under his plan, the additional money would go towards drug and alcohol programs, courts and substance issues as a whole, including com…
FBI Warns Calvin College of ‘Education Tax’ Scam
It's the season for tax scams. One in West Michigan is targeting Calvin College students.
Wood TV 8 reports that the FBI contacted Calvin to warn of a scam in which students are contacted by phone and told they need to pay an "education tax".
The Tax Deadline Is Extended
If you are anything like me, you dread getting your taxes together.  I have been putting this off from the moment I got my W-4's.  And it looks like this year that I can put it off for an additional 3 days!  That's right, the tax deadline has been moved from April 15th to Ap…