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The Homeless Man With The Golden Voice – A Year Later [Video]
One year ago, a video shot by the Columbus Dispatch in Ohio went viral online. Soon, everyone in America knew about Ted Williams, the homeless man with the amazing radio voice.
Williams appeared on every TV show you can think of, and became one of those people that everyone wanted to help. Turns out,…
Kellie’s Showbiz Top 5
Today's Showbiz Top 5 has some Britney Spears news, an update on Bret Michael's heart condition, the thrilling info Oprah released yesterday, and a look at where Ted Williams (the homeless man with golden radio voice) is today.  Click 'READ MORE' to get the full scoop from K…
Homeless Man With Golden Radio Voice: My Thoughts
Well he is back at it again... and by back at it, I mean hittin the bottle again.  It is reported that Mr. Ted Williams (the homeless man with the golden radio voice) is going to go into rehab... I am becoming less and less sympathetic for this guy the more I hear about him.
“Man With The Golden Voice” Has A Run In With The Law
That's right. Ted Williams, the "Man With The Golden Radio Voice" had to do some smooth talking to the Los Angeles Police.
Officers were called were called when Williams and his daughter got into a loud argument Monday night at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel and Spa...
The Homeless Radio Guy Has A Rap Sheet!

Turns out that Ted Williams, like a lot of people who have fallen on hard times, has had a previous run in or two with the law.  Check out the details at The Smoking Gun.