The Bachelor

Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?
Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After premiered on Free Form on Monday night.  If you don't know Ben and Lauren, Ben Higgins was the most recent bachelor on ABC and proposed to Lauren Bushnell on the season finale.
Their new show is all about life after The Bachelor and their engagement...
19 Most Ridiculous Jobs On ‘The Bachelor’
We came across this list from E! Online and it had us cracking up.
We all expect some "dumb girls" to be on ABC's "The Bachelor," but after this list we realized how many dumb jobs some of these contestants have had over the show's 19 seasons.
Guy Creeping At The Bar? Give Him This Number
If you're sick of creepers and d-bags getting all up in your business at the bars, there's a new way for you to tell them to get lost, and the host of "The Bachelor" will help you. Say what? See what I mean after the jump!

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