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Woman Starts Campaign to Shovel Grand Rapids Bus Stops [VIDEO]
After seeing the snowy and potentially dangerous conditions of Grand Rapids bus stops, a Cedar Springs woman has decided to do something about it.
WZZM-13 reports that Wendy Peterson has started a campaign to shovel Grand Rapids bus stops and make them safer for travellers.
Ride The Rapid…To Big Rapids
The Rapid bus service will begin making regular trips to Big Rapids on August 29.  The trips are the result of a collaboration between The Rapid and Ferris State University.
Get Out And Vote Today!
Local, local, local!  That is the theme of the issues on the ballot today and here is what you will be voting for or against:
In Kent County there is a transit millage that would increase your taxes to help revamp The Rapid bus system.
There are also two seats up for grabs on the Grand Rapid…
Elections On Tuesday
It's time to vote again.
Tuesday's ballots include school board elections, school millage proposals (including Cedar Springs and Wyoming), a millage proposal for "The Rapid", and more.
Educate yourself on the candidates and proposals, then get out and vote!
Get Ready To Vote Next Tuesday!
A week from today, voters in several cities across West Michigan will vote on a bus millage that is intended to increase service to residents over the next five years.
In a time when salaries are shrinking and the unemployment rate looms around 5-6% ... are you more prone to vote for a millage that w…