Rihanna Shuts Down NBA Player Matt Barnes [Video]
Rihanna is a goddess. We all wish to be her friend (well at least I do lol) but that doesn't mean you have to make up stories pretending to be friends with her, let alone dating her.
NBA player for the Memphis Grizzlies (ex-LA Clipper), Matt Barnes told TMZ Sports that he and Rihanna were friends and…
MTV’s Chanel West Coast Arrested [Video]
MTV's Ridiculousness' co-host, Chanel West Coast, was arrested late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning after getting into a brawl at a club in West Hollywood. However, she wasn't arrested for fighting she was actually arrested for her behavior with the security guards onc…
Weird Al Takes On Taylor Swift
After parodying Lady Gaga as the "opener" for his new album "Alpocolypse", Weird Al Yankovic now re-does Taylor Swift's "You Belong To Me", this time as a reflection on our celebrity watching culture.
Nothing as an official video yet, but giv…
Charlie Sheen’s New Show
Whether you love him, hate him, or are maybe a little bit scared of him.  It appears that Charlie Sheen may soon be "winning" a new show.
TMZ reports that Sheen is in negotiations for a new show that could start as soon as January.
OMG! Justin Bieber Cut His Hair!
The pint-sized pop star known for his mop-top made a bold move yesterday and cut his hair into a shorter, more grown-up look.
Bieber told TMZ that he was a little nervous about the cut, but he "wanted to change it up" and he thought the cut was "kind of a mature look.&…