Pay Attention: Traffic Flow at Leonard and 131 Has Changed
Let’s talk about this for a second; traffic patterns have changed at Leonard and 131.  It’s quite different and it’s amazing how FEW people have actually realized it.  I’ve almost been hit a few times on my way home.
A few weeks ago, when this went live, the city sen…
Finally, They’re Going To Fix Michigan Street This Spring
It’s about time! Fox17 is reporting that Michigan Street in Downtown Grand Rapids could start getting fixed as early as next week!
If you’ve driven along Michigan Street, you’ve probably noticed it’s one of the WORST streets in West Michigan, well unless you’re also talking about 131 or M-6, but for …
People Were Stuck in Traffic for HOURS in China! [Video]
Being stuck in traffic is no fun. Especially when what should be minutes turns into hours. But imagine the worst traffic jam of your life.
That's what people in Beijing, China were experiencing last week after being stuck in a 50-lane traffic jam...
Millennials Are Causing Traffic Jams
If you already hate the rush hour traffic, you're going to hate reading this because according to officials from the U.S. Department of Justice, freeway traffic is expected to get worse, nationwide.
KTAR News reports that:
Since there are more millennials entering the workforce than there are baby boo…

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