Connie and Curtis TV : When Turkeys Fly!
Just in case you didn't know, turkeys can fly, they just aren't very good at it. Dorthy called in with quite a story about turkeys flying that will make you want to avoid them at all costs if you see them on the side of the road. Beware, turkey crossing...
The Price Of Thanksgiving Dinner Is Going Up… But Not By Much
Prices go up everywhere, and food for Thanksgiving will be no different.  It looks like it will be up about 30 cents from last year.
That is according to the American Farm Bureau, which says "the average cost of this year's feast for 10 is $49.48, a 28-cent price increase from last…
Thank You, Black Friday…And Hold The Pepper!
How is it that the worst day of the year follows the very best day of the year?
Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday.  It’s a day that is supposed to be about being thankful and enjoying Food, Football, Family, and Friends along with the typical day off work.
Kidd Kraddick’s Brown Bag Turkey
I am a first time Turkey cooker this year.  I wasn't sure exactly how to go about... UNTIL, I heard about a recipe on Kidd Kraddick.  It's called Kidd Kraddicks Famous Brown Bag Turkey and he exclaims it's the easiest Turkey you can make!