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What Happened in TV Last Night?
It seems as if all the major networks got together last night and decided to drop a bombshell on a bunch of devoted TV viewers.
FOX, ABC & CBS all announced cancellations of some major shows and others after only one season.
I saw a lot of disappointed people venting their anger towards ABC for ca…
ABC is Reviving ‘Match Game’ & Alec Baldwin is Hosting
One of my favorite things to do is watch game shows. I can easily waste a day watching game shows. If you too are a fan of game shows than you know that nothing compares to the classics and a popular one will be back on TV.
Match Game which premiered in the 60's, but was extremely successful in…
One Direction to Reunite on ‘Family Guy’
One Direction announced last year that they will be taking a hiatus but they will be reuniting very soon.
1D is going to Quahog!  Entertainment Weekly reports that the boys will be appearing in a new episode, set to air in May...
Best TV Shows of 2015
2015 brought us a lot of new shows or new seasons of our favorite shows. According to Business Insider there were over 400 scripted series on TV this year. That's a lot of binge watching!
Business Insider compiled a list of the top 20 TV shows of the year using Metacritic scores, which keeps tra…