Analyze Your Tweets With New Computer Program
Can you tell if a tweet is from a guy or a girl?
Generally, I would think that you or I could figure it out on our own, but now there is a computer program that claims 89% accuracy!
The program analyzes the words we use and already has a list of most commonly used words for women and men.
Taylor Swift Tours Lincoln Memorial!
Too Funny!  Taylor Swift undoubtedly is leading an unusual life because of her extreme talent and musical aspirations by sharing what she's been given with anyone who wants to be a part of her T-party! 
That means that she's missed out on being a part of a local school system, thu…
50 Cent Makes $8.7 Million 29 Cents At A Time
Did you run into 50 Cent when he was filming in GR last month?  Did he give you any financial advice?  Care to share?
50 Cent tweeted about a company, then in one day their shares rose from .10 cents to .39 cents.  Some people bought A LOT of shares and ma…