Kate Upton Lets the MLB Know How She Really Feels
Well, there's no denying that model Kate Upton has her fiance's back.
In a very X-rated tweet, Upton let the MLB know how she felt after Detroit Tigers pitcher, Justin Verlsander, lost the Cy Young Award.
Hey @MLB I thought I was the only person allowed to f---@JustinVerlander ...
Ethiopia Blocks Social Media for College Exams
Wanting to procrastinate while studying for your mid-term or finals? No problem, go for it. Here in America being on Social Media is like waking up or brushing your teeth. The freedoms we have to use it is endless. When it comes to college, social media is a college student's way of keeping up …
It’s Here! The Pizza Box Pizza!
I came across this the other day and at first, it seems really cool!  Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn has found a unique way to box your pizza, that’s good for the environment.  That’s right, now your pizza can come in a box… MADE OF MORE PIZZA...

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