Worst Summer Jobs [Video]
As much fun as summer can be, sometimes it's not exactly what we picture it... especially when work is involved. Most see it as an opportunity to make some money while they are on a break from their regular routine. And while that is a plus, you can't help but wonder at times "is …
Sinead O’Connor Slams Kim K.
Socialite Kim Kardashian West is on this month's cover of Rolling Stone magazine and musician Sinead O'Connor is NOT happy about it! After seeing this she decided to go on a Twitter rant and had this to say:
What is this c–t (“I don’t smile much because it c…
Jimmy Fallon Reads #MyWorstCar Tweets [Video]
We've all had that car. Maybe the one that you got when you turned 16, maybe the beater that you drove in college because you couldn't afford anything better... whatever it may be, we all had a car that we would refer to as our "worst car".
Jimmy Fallon knows this, too, and on Thursday, he …
Wendy Reed on the Oscars, Tweet Style
Check out some of Wendy Reed's thoughts Sunday from the 86th annual Academy Awards via her tweets and re-tweets on Twitter.
The important question re: the Academy Awards is - who will wear an oversized hat? @Pharrellhat
— Wendy Reed (@loosewendy) March 2, 2014
The Polar Vortex Has a Twitter – and It’s Awesome
A polar vortex has taken over much of the United States with cold temperatures, high winds and snow crippling some areas completely.
While this weather situation is no laughing matter, there is a part of it that can bring us some comedic relief.
The polar vortex has it's own Twitter account, and …

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