The Top 10 Toys Of All-Time
The other day on the show, I mentioned that 'Transformers' were still some toys from my childhood that I kept. A few of you called in to tell us about some of your favorites as well. But now, let's talk about the best ever, and check out what toys were voted the best of All-…
Single Ladies Premieres Monday On VH1 [VIDEO]
The single life has its ups and downs just like any other standing, like being married or divorced.
VH1 is taking a shot at a new scripted series called 'Single Ladies' that premieres on Sunday.
From what I can tell there are three single women who are in extremely different places in their lives.  On…
“Pop Up Videos” to return on VH1
It's one of the oldest comments/complaints in the world.
"Remember when MTV used to play videos?"
Before we spent TV time on the Jersey Shore or in Celebrity Rehab, we used to enjoy an endless stream of our favorite music videos, sometimes enhanced with fun facts about the artist or the vide…