Intern Bethany’s Top 5 Mannequin Challenge Videos
The Mannequin challenge has been taking over social media for the past few days.  Many people have been attempting the challenge, even Connie and Curtis.  I found the best videos in my opinion.  Here are my top five favorite videos:
The Rugby Challenge
Cute Dog
Connie & Curtis
The Cavaliers
SNL Cast
This Cat Burglar Will Steal Your Heart [Video]
Dusty the cat, also known as "Klepto," has been caught on camera stealing things from the neighbors.  Every night, Dusty roams the neighborhood looking for things to take.  Once Dusty finds what he wants to steal, he brings it back to his home for his owners to go through…
2-Month-Old Michigan Baby Says “Hello” [Video]
A baby from Michigan is already a viral sensation and he can't even speak yet. Sort of.
Samantha Jones, of Jackson, was taking a Snapchat video of her 2-month-old son, Christian, for her friend. In the video, Samantha is telling her son to say "hello" to Amber...
Ludington Restaurant Breaks a World Record!
Ludington is now in the Guinness Book of World Records!
House of Flavors restaurant found out on Wednesday that they set the record for the "world's longest ice cream dessert." In June, the restaurant attempted to break the previous record by setting up eight blocks of an …
Michigan Woman Will Appear on the Home Shopping Network [Video]
A mom from Portage will be showcasing her brilliant invention on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) this November.
FOX 17 says that Karen Smoots and her husband invented The Green Glove Dryer after their frustration with not being able to get their boys' gloves dry during the winter...
Guy Takes Bait Car On Purpose [Video]
If you knew there was a bait car, would you steal it?
Cops purposefully left keys in a car for them to catch people taking off in the car.  For this one guy, he knew it was a bait car, but that did not stop him.  He took the car and continued to drive around as the cops chase him...
Christine’s Road to Fantasy [Video & Photos]
As you know, I have an abnormal obsession with the best soap opera on TV, General Hospital. Back in April I saw that there was going to be something called a "General Hospital Fantasy Weekend." OF COURSE I had to go! I paid $250 for the Platinum VIP ticket which …
‘Family Feud’ is Holding Auditions in Detroit! [Video]
It's time to get the family together because the popular game show, Family Feud, is holding auditions in Detroit. Is your family going to be the one to win a bunch of money and possibly a new car?
Auditions will be held somewhere in the Detroit area (location not disclosed yet) on Satu…

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