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Michigan Woman’s Hilarious Kohl’s Cash Snapchat Rant Goes Viral
This is hilarious, mostly because we can all relate.
Amanda Bell, who lives in Saline, Michigan, ran to Kohl's for what she thought would be areal quick trip; but because of a lady in line in front of her, the trip was anything but.
So when she got home, Amanda took to Snapchat and using multiple…
Where Did She Go? Woman Disappears on Live TV [Video]
In a video that has everyone scratching their heads, a woman is seen "disappear" on live television.
A Danish TV network was doing an interview at an airport. Behind the man, being interviewed, you see people in line picking up their bags...
Watch a Dad Take Down his Toddler with a Pillow [Video]
We know how toddlers can be. They're feisty. That's why it's called the "terrible twos." But they're also really cute and fun to play with.
In a video, that has now gone viral, you see a toddler trying to attack her dad with a pillow for reasons unknown...

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