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Leopard Attacks 6 People in a School in India [Video]
They may look all cute and majestic but leopards are a scary animal that you rather look at from afar.
A leopard in India somehow made its way into a school Bangalore and started running around attacking different people. Footage from the school's security camera captured the whole thing go…
Watch This Bartender Pour 14 Shots at Once [Video]
A bartender doesn't have the easiest of jobs. They have to deal with high volumes of people, serve multiple drinks and make sure those drinks are made properly. That's impressive. But there's always that one bartender that REALLY impresses us and makes their job look easy...
Michigan Boy Goes Viral After Getting A1 Sauce for Christmas [Video]
Most kids for Christmas asked for a new toy, video games or some type of electronic but not Anthony Corbin, a little boy from the metro-Detroit area who was ecstatic for the gift he received... A1 Steak Sauce.
Anthony's father uploaded the video to YouTube and said that his son asked Santa for 3 thin…
Taco Restaurant Turns Break-In Footage into a Commercial [Video]
This is marketing genius!
Frijoles & Frescas Grilled Tacos, a Las Vegas taco restaurant was the target of a robbery last week and the owners used the footage they captured from the scene and turned it into a hilarious commercial.
The security camera shows three men breaking into…

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