Wendy Reed

Wendy Reed Says Farewell – But Only Sort Of [Video]
If you've been listening this week, you've heard me talking on the air about how I will no longer be hosting my show on Channel 957 every day during the week, and chatting with our new midday host Christine. Tomorrow (Friday, July 10) will be my last show on Channel 957.
I wanted to take a minute to …
Makeup Tutorials With Wendy — Volume 3 [Video]
I am admittedly terrible at being “girly”. I don’t even like that word. I mean, aren’t I being “girly” by being, you know, female? Anyway, I’ve never been big on makeup. Oh, there was a time when I worked for one of our sister stations (who plays rock music)…
Mortified Wendy – Episode 4 – ‘I Hope I Don’t Need Glasses’
A few months ago, I watched the documentary “Mortified Nation” on NetFlix, and it inspired me. If you haven’t seen “Mortified Nation” it is a documentary about a show that is done in cities around the country in which adults get up on a stage in front of hundreds of people and read aloud from their …
Wendy Reed on the Oscars, Tweet Style
Check out some of Wendy Reed's thoughts Sunday from the 86th annual Academy Awards via her tweets and re-tweets on Twitter.
The important question re: the Academy Awards is - who will wear an oversized hat? @Pharrellhat
— Wendy Reed (@loosewendy) March 2, 2014
Small Business Holiday Party Delivers Holly Jolly Evening
The atmosphere was truly festive and jolly Tuesday night at The B.O.B. for the Small Business Holiday Party.
Channel 95.7's Connie and Curtis, who emceed, along with Wendy Reed and Josh Garber were on hand along with WGRD 97.9's Metalhead Ned and St. Nick himself, Santa Claus.
My Name Is Wendy, And I’m Addicted To Diet Soda
I am not a coffee drinker. I used to love it, but it didn't love me back and I had to stop drinking it. So, when most people are starting off their day with a cup of coffee, I am starting mine with a diet soda. Coke, Pepsi, store-brand, it doesn't really matter to me. Once I have about 12 ounces of …
Man, I Miss “Dawson’s Creek”.
Seriously. I'm not kidding. Ok guys, stop laughing.
I honestly miss "Dawson's Creek"! I used to love that show! What with Dawson and Joey and their romance. How she always climbed in through the window instead of using the door. Pacey and all of the trouble he managed to get himself into. A…

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