Justin Bieber Facetimed With Malala Yousafzai – Wait. What?
Last night, Justin Bieber who lately is mostly notorious for being kind of a terrible person and getting into a fight with Orlando Bloom, shared a picture of himself FaceTiming Malala Yousafzai, who is an activist known for her courage, strength and kindness. I don't get the correlation.
Top 9 Creepy Things Kids Have Said To Their Parents
So, this morning, I was reading about how there was a thread going on on Reddit about the creepiest things kids have ever said to their parents. So of course, I had to go through and read all of them to see what kind of weirdo stuff kids have said (I have a morbid curiosity, so sue me). Let me tell …
Dad Uses Sexy Photos Of Daughter To Sell Car On eBay
Yes, you read that headline correctly. Some weirdo in Oregon is trying to sell his ugly yellow Datsun on eBay. The dude in question is named Kim Ridley, and he owns a company called Ridley's Rides and uses pictures of both his daughter, Lexxa, and his dog, Max to help boost his car sales. I&apo…

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