Meet Aurora – Christine’s Pet of the Week!
There's no doubt in my mind that Aurora will find her forever home quickly! She is an absolute love who is full of personality and is ready to be adopted from the Humane Society of West Michigan.
Aurora is only 1-years-old but she has a great temperament who will do well with any family...
The Best Tweets From the ‘Prancercise’ Lady
Attention everyone: the lady who launched Prancercise, the internet's favorite new exercise craze, is back. That's right folks-- horse fanatic Joanna Rohrback is now on Twitter, where we can learn important tips on how to live the Prancercise lifestyle.
Do Those “As Seen On TV” Workout Gadgets Actually Work?
We've seen them a million times on TV infomercials. Gadgets that promise to slim and trip with hardly any real "work" at all. But, do they work?
Our friends at have looked into the Shake Weight, The Flex Belt, and many other to see which ones are actually going to …