Goat Yoga Coming to Michigan!!
The new trend of Goat Yoga, which originated in owner Lainey Morse's Oregon farm has deemed an interest in opening a franchise in Michigan!
Morse states that the idea took off with such force that she decided to quit her jobs in marketing and photography to focus on her classes...
Enjoy Yoga on the Beach in Muskegon This Summer
Michigan summers were meant to be enjoyed outdoors which makes finding the time to get to yoga class more challenging. This summer, that's not going to be a problem.
The Michigan DNR says Muskegon State Park will host Great Lakes Beach Yoga all summer!
Best Cat Photo Bomb!
Cats have a mind of their own, especially this particular cat who could not give two flying flips that he is ruining his owners Yoga video.
We think the cats owner should be somewhat happy because now a video that might have gone unnoticed has gone viral...
Disabled Vet Makes Inspiring Recovery (Video)
With all the videos circulating the internet, so many can get lost in the the clutter. Here is one with an incredibly inspiring story that stands out: Arthur Boorman, 47,  was a disabled veteran of the Gulf War. Injured in his service as a paratrooper, he was told by doctors that he would never b…