A teenager in desperate need of a heart transplant was denied a new heart due to poor grades. Wait, what? Yeah, he didn't get a new heart because his grades weren't up to par.

Anthony Stokes has been diagnosed with an enlarged heart and has been told he will probably only survive another six months. However, he was told he could qualify for a new heart if he passed an evaluation.

He failed that evaluation. The hospital said that due to the fact that Anthony has been "non-compliant" that he has been removed from the list. There are few donors and many in need. According to the hospital non-compliant means that the patient refuses to take necessary medications as well as not showing up to crucial appointments.

Now, Anthony's family and friends say that the teen is being denied because of his poor school grades and run-ins with the law.

The hospital says they're trying to work with the family to get things straightened out.